Blogging Communities; Methods & Structures

What is a blogging community? A blogging community allows all bloggers to communicate with each other and share their thought s and discussions In other words, it allows people who loves writing about the same topic to meet up or communicated via blogs. For example people who likes to talk about politics could get together and discuss about the latest political issues; the same goes for other people of different genre topic of their blog.

Nuffnang is one of the very top blog spot in Malaysia. It primarily publish advertisements and commercials unlike political blogs. The writers will have to write, fitting into the criteria of the wanted format and in return, the writers gets paid, gets special invitation to events and free gifts every now and then for writing an advertisement.

Blogging has became a social network instead of only writing about a bunch of topic to discuss about in the comment space. People actually chat and meet up in reality to talk about business regarding their topic posted on their weblogs. Some became friends after a few chats on the comments box for leisure.

Networking through blogs is very important in the digital age now as it connects people of similar interest, allowing them to get together to share common interest.


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