Blogs as current phenomenon & benefits of blogging to the community

The numbers of bloggers grows every second from as much as a million new bloggers every day. Blogs are one of the biggest global internet phenomenon that ever hit the world, affecting a lot of people ranging from every race, gender, citizenship, and people from all over the country and world. There are a lot of different kinds of bloggers around the world (Dvorak, 2009). There are some who loves writing about political and the economics. Some loves to write about fashion and entertainment, some loves writing about the current issues around the globe and there are those who loves writing about themselves.

It is stated in that Asians blogs more than the Europeans. Asians loves to discuss about the current issues and some, loves to talk about themselves more than the Europeans (Brook, 2006). Europeans are more serious when it comes to writing for the public. They usually writes about the economic, politics and science issues whereas Asians writes a lot about entertainment, music and movies. There are a lot of Malaysians who loves to blog as well. Most of them are students yet their weblog is nothing serious compared to the Europeans. They are more to entertainment and themselves. Malaysians loves to write about their daily lives; from what they do every second to what they eat on that day itself, including some pictures of their food. Sometimes these could be helpful for others as a free advertisement but sometimes blogs does not make sense.

The advantages of blogs is to share information with the world, and stay in touch with our loved ones.



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