Classification of Blogs

There are many types of blogs to be classified ranging from political to science to fashion and entertainment. But to make it easier there are three primary classifications to blogs which are Personal Blogs, Business Blogs and Media Blogs such as Video Logs or better knows as Vlog.

According to broadcast journalist Margaret Simons from ABC Radio National, blogs are divided into several parts which is the Diary Blogs – for personal use only, Business Blogs – for business use and advertising,  and the Advocacy blogs (Funnell, 2008). Apart from that, blogs are also classified according to the styles of writing, topic and genre, and also taking in consideration the format of the media type. Each blog is unique. It allows the audience and readers to access into any topic they would like to know and discuss about. The writer will have to make sure they attract the right people to read their blogs.

Sometimes a writer could write about a particular topic, political issues for example, in his or her blog yet eager to learn more by reading blogs written by others or better yet write another blog with a different topic and concept in total. Blogs will have to be classified in order to avoid the confusion of their readers, allowing them to choose the topic they would like to know or discuss about.


Funnell A., 2008, A taxonomy of blogs, ABC Radio National. Last accessed 17th November 2009 at


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