Designing for Online vs. Print

Print used to be the primary medium for writing, reading and communicate. Back in the days before the Computer Age, print was all the media got and only professional journalist can write on the columns of the pages be it on a newspaper, magazine or other print material.

Technology is very high now as we can all see for ourselves. Printing is still one of the primary source but not as much anymore compared to the previous decades. Most people used their weblogs to conduct their business, especially designers. They will have to make sure their visual design is powerful enough to beat the print medium. By designing on the desktop or on weblogs, this saves a lot of printing cost and ink. Aaprt from that, extra moving visuals could be used on the blog to make the concept more effective.

Designing on the desktop is much more effective and easier compared to print medium. Editing mistakes would be much easier on an online weblog compared to a print medium like newspapers and magazines. However they still got their similarities. The designer will still have to consider the dimensionality, navigation,resolution, canvas size, overlay and multimedia (Neilsen, 1999). It might seem easier compared to designing a print medium but a lot more details should be taken into account for designing a weblog. Dark colours are never encouraged on weblogs and in conclusion, designing online is still a better success than designing a print.



Neilsen J., 1999, Differences Between Print Design and Web Design. Last accessed 16th November 2009 at


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