Freedom of Blogging

Back in the days, only professional journalist, reports and writers for the media are allowed to write and report information on print and broadcast to the audience. Other than that no one else were allowed to published their own comments, opinions and thoughts. With new media anyone is allowed to post and write anything they want on the web; personal webpage and weblogs. Everyone should have the freedom of speech. They should have the freedom to write about anything they want at all.

Some people think otherwise. According to Lorelle VanFossen, normal citizens are not suppose to have the freedom to write or blog on the web as they like as they are taking over the profession of journalists. This is an example of a quote to show how unhappy VanFossen is with citizen journalism, ‘Language like this is grossly unprofessional and personally indecent. Nothing in this debate is nearly as urgent or serious as terrorism, illegal drug trafficking, or slavery, and the people who insist on perpetuating this language should be censured. Enough is enough’ (VanFossen, 2007). There should be a limit of what citizen journalist and bloggers can or can not write. Most of them could get access to information which professional journalists can not get. VanFossen felt that journalist had been dominated by these bloggers.

With the invention of new media, citizen journalists and bloggers can not be stopped. They are everywhere and most of them are actually useful to the community. Sometimes they could help out professional journalist get information they themselves can not get. With the help of the internet, it has create a positive development to our lives (Burbach, 2008). Mainstream newspapers are being threatened by citizen journalist as they are not restricted to anything. In order not to loose their sources and image mainstreams threatened citizen journalist to stop and limit down the contents of their blogs (Duncan, 2005). That did not work though as bloggers are mostly anonymous and their blog contents are not offensive to anyone. Its just the extra information they could manage to get access to which threatened the mainstream newspapers and magazines publishing companies but i actual fact, bloggers meant no harm or threat to anyone.

Everyone should have the freedom of speech and writing; freedom of blogging. It is a free world and everyone is entitled to their opinions and thoughts and should felt free to voice out anytime.



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