Misused Blogs?

There are a lot people who misused blogs spots. What are blogs for?  It could be used for personal, business or leisure.

There are too many people out there who used their blogs to write about their daily lives. They could start from the time they woke up, gives the very small details of what they do through the day and night. They could even write the c0nversation they had with someone special on that day.  Some could even write about the food they ate today, including pictures. Now that is not what a blog is for. Yes it could be used for personal reasons but not telling the whole world about your daily lives; the details of what you do in the day. Leading out information of what you do everyday could bring harm to yourself. You could attract stalker or even criminals to harm you.

Blogs are for people who loves to share information with the others. It is a personal forum for people to communicated and share information with each other. We learn from each other, creating awareness of the current issues, and we could also share something as simple as famous food places and entertainment, nightlife crowds, or even the best hang out place. These are the information we would like to know and learn from each other and not telling the world about your daily life which no one cares about.

What are business blogs? Simple. It is just to promote; advertise your products online to attract more customers. It is free advertising and commercial videos can be added to make the blog more interesting. There are some other blogs where it is strictly for informational use only. Sometimes restricted to certain viewers only.

There various types of blogs; be it personal, leisure, or business, a blog is invented for the public to share useful information with each other; educate each other of the things we  might not know in life. Reading a blog about someone’s personal or scandalous life is not going to bring any benefit to the society; yet writing it. Blogs are sometimes misused and the public should consider using their blogs as a useful tool of information.


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