(Source: Google, 2009)

I have been blogging for quite some time now. You may ask what are my topic of interest in blogging. Well i love writing the philosophy of life. I love sharing with the public what i think of the current issues, from as tiny as someone’s attitude in public to as big as how slack the government running the city. I do not like to talk about myself on my blogs unless it has something to educate and create awareness to others; making it a useful tool of information to my redears.

In these past few months, writing this new blog posts made me learn a lot of new things from the positivity and the negativity of new media to the issues in blogging. I have never blogged so much post in a month before and it makes me feel great just writing and writing. It gives me the urge to double up my speed in writing my other blog as my information is flowing out of my head and i need to put them somewhere to good use. Blogging is good for the human mind. It helps takes off the stress from us, allowing us to voice out our opinion and thoughts with the public.

(Source: Google, 2009)


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