The Emergence of New Media

Back in the days there were only few primary media to target audience; Newspapers, magazines, radio and television (Croft, 2008). These media were known as ‘gatekeepers’. All information will have to go thorough these mediums get to the audience. But the world had changed. With the invention of the internet and the web 2.0 there are other mediums to compete with the original four in this decade such as MSNBC, Google, Star Online, New York Times, Youtube and many more not to mention they are all free to access.

Although the information are free to access with the help of the internet, sometimes it is hard to find information on the net as there are too much information and sometimes the network gets congested and information gets cut off the world wide web. Back in the days readers gets news right in front of them on a newspaper everyday but with new media, they will have to take the time to search the news by themselves. It could be better in the sense where we could get more information as space is not limited on the world wide web unlike newspapers and magazines (Croft, 2008).

The rise of new media had made individuals around the world to decide not to go back to old media; getting information the traditional style. They prefer to be on the run, with their mini computers on their hands while accessing to the internet for morning news. Instead of referring and researching from a book, they prefer to Google information. With the help of new media it helps save a lot of time.

As for social networking, there is Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype, and emails to stay in touch instead of sending the snail mail which might take days to reach the recipent whereas electronic networking takes only a few seconds. The old media had not vanished yet and it never will be as it is still a very important medium in our world but with new media things got a lot easier and faster; it saves precious time.


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