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(Source: Google, 2009)

I have been blogging for quite some time now. You may ask what are my topic of interest in blogging. Well i love writing the philosophy of life. I love sharing with the public what i think of the current issues, from as tiny as someone’s attitude in public to as big as how slack the government running the city. I do not like to talk about myself on my blogs unless it has something to educate and create awareness to others; making it a useful tool of information to my redears.

In these past few months, writing this new blog posts made me learn a lot of new things from the positivity and the negativity of new media to the issues in blogging. I have never blogged so much post in a month before and it makes me feel great just writing and writing. It gives me the urge to double up my speed in writing my other blog as my information is flowing out of my head and i need to put them somewhere to good use. Blogging is good for the human mind. It helps takes off the stress from us, allowing us to voice out our opinion and thoughts with the public.

(Source: Google, 2009)


Misused Blogs?

There are a lot people who misused blogs spots. What are blogs for?  It could be used for personal, business or leisure.

There are too many people out there who used their blogs to write about their daily lives. They could start from the time they woke up, gives the very small details of what they do through the day and night. They could even write the c0nversation they had with someone special on that day.  Some could even write about the food they ate today, including pictures. Now that is not what a blog is for. Yes it could be used for personal reasons but not telling the whole world about your daily lives; the details of what you do in the day. Leading out information of what you do everyday could bring harm to yourself. You could attract stalker or even criminals to harm you.

Blogs are for people who loves to share information with the others. It is a personal forum for people to communicated and share information with each other. We learn from each other, creating awareness of the current issues, and we could also share something as simple as famous food places and entertainment, nightlife crowds, or even the best hang out place. These are the information we would like to know and learn from each other and not telling the world about your daily life which no one cares about.

What are business blogs? Simple. It is just to promote; advertise your products online to attract more customers. It is free advertising and commercial videos can be added to make the blog more interesting. There are some other blogs where it is strictly for informational use only. Sometimes restricted to certain viewers only.

There various types of blogs; be it personal, leisure, or business, a blog is invented for the public to share useful information with each other; educate each other of the things we  might not know in life. Reading a blog about someone’s personal or scandalous life is not going to bring any benefit to the society; yet writing it. Blogs are sometimes misused and the public should consider using their blogs as a useful tool of information.

Suharto’s Controversy

On February 10th 2008,  Indonesian former president Suharto passed on. As a tribute to his death, Tempo Magazine, Indonesia’s leading weekly magazine published an issue featuring President Suharto and his family; copying exactly from Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting back in the days, The Last Supper.

(Source: Google, 2009)

(Source: Google, 2009)

On the cover of Tempo Magazine, Suharto replaced Jesus Christ as the middle figure on the image whereas the rest of his family members were at the side, giving him the spotlight in the painting. The painting was almost a hundred percent similar to the original painting of The Last Supper. The background of the picture shows three full length windows, the middle one with the brightest light and the side windows slightly tilted away; the middle one as the background light for Jesus Christ. The exact same concept was applied for Suharto’s painting on the cover of Tempo.

Shortly after the magazine was published, it offended a lot of Christians, drawing a lot of criticism and anger. A lot of people protested against the magazine; wanting it to be taken off the newsstands and magazine racks of bookstores. It was a major issue internationally especially among the South East Asian Christians.

The head editor of Tempo Magazine, Toriq Hadad wrote an apology letter and held a conference to apologize to all the Christians if they may get offended by the publishing of the magazine issue. He explained that he had no intention to harm or offend the Christians as he was only inspired by the concept of the painting which could go along with Suharto’s situation. He also said that no religious or cultural elements were highlighted. After the apology, that issue was banned for the month; replaced with another issue. Fortunately there were not any riots or racial issues due to the publishing.

In the publishing industry, there are a lot of great artistic ideas to be put on the cover of a magazine. They could be inspired by paintings and history; turned into modern arts, fashion and entertainment. What is stopping all these great ideas from being published is religion and racial issues. It is not easy being an editor of a magazine. They have to come up with something great yet not offensive to any ethics or races. It cold sound fun designing the cover of a magazine but a lot of elements have to be considered first to avoid miscommunication.



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Freedom of Blogging

Back in the days, only professional journalist, reports and writers for the media are allowed to write and report information on print and broadcast to the audience. Other than that no one else were allowed to published their own comments, opinions and thoughts. With new media anyone is allowed to post and write anything they want on the web; personal webpage and weblogs. Everyone should have the freedom of speech. They should have the freedom to write about anything they want at all.

Some people think otherwise. According to Lorelle VanFossen, normal citizens are not suppose to have the freedom to write or blog on the web as they like as they are taking over the profession of journalists. This is an example of a quote to show how unhappy VanFossen is with citizen journalism, ‘Language like this is grossly unprofessional and personally indecent. Nothing in this debate is nearly as urgent or serious as terrorism, illegal drug trafficking, or slavery, and the people who insist on perpetuating this language should be censured. Enough is enough’ (VanFossen, 2007). There should be a limit of what citizen journalist and bloggers can or can not write. Most of them could get access to information which professional journalists can not get. VanFossen felt that journalist had been dominated by these bloggers.

With the invention of new media, citizen journalists and bloggers can not be stopped. They are everywhere and most of them are actually useful to the community. Sometimes they could help out professional journalist get information they themselves can not get. With the help of the internet, it has create a positive development to our lives (Burbach, 2008). Mainstream newspapers are being threatened by citizen journalist as they are not restricted to anything. In order not to loose their sources and image mainstreams threatened citizen journalist to stop and limit down the contents of their blogs (Duncan, 2005). That did not work though as bloggers are mostly anonymous and their blog contents are not offensive to anyone. Its just the extra information they could manage to get access to which threatened the mainstream newspapers and magazines publishing companies but i actual fact, bloggers meant no harm or threat to anyone.

Everyone should have the freedom of speech and writing; freedom of blogging. It is a free world and everyone is entitled to their opinions and thoughts and should felt free to voice out anytime.



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The Emergence of New Media

Back in the days there were only few primary media to target audience; Newspapers, magazines, radio and television (Croft, 2008). These media were known as ‘gatekeepers’. All information will have to go thorough these mediums get to the audience. But the world had changed. With the invention of the internet and the web 2.0 there are other mediums to compete with the original four in this decade such as MSNBC, Google, Star Online, New York Times, Youtube and many more not to mention they are all free to access.

Although the information are free to access with the help of the internet, sometimes it is hard to find information on the net as there are too much information and sometimes the network gets congested and information gets cut off the world wide web. Back in the days readers gets news right in front of them on a newspaper everyday but with new media, they will have to take the time to search the news by themselves. It could be better in the sense where we could get more information as space is not limited on the world wide web unlike newspapers and magazines (Croft, 2008).

The rise of new media had made individuals around the world to decide not to go back to old media; getting information the traditional style. They prefer to be on the run, with their mini computers on their hands while accessing to the internet for morning news. Instead of referring and researching from a book, they prefer to Google information. With the help of new media it helps save a lot of time.

As for social networking, there is Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Skype, and emails to stay in touch instead of sending the snail mail which might take days to reach the recipent whereas electronic networking takes only a few seconds. The old media had not vanished yet and it never will be as it is still a very important medium in our world but with new media things got a lot easier and faster; it saves precious time.


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New Forms of Media Publishing

The invention of the internet had made it possible for the world to share information and communicate in just a snap. This includes sharing worldwide international news, social networking, sending information from one to the other in just a few seconds no matter where you are around the world.

The invention of Facebook had enabled individuals around the world to keep in touch with each other no matter where they are. Other social networks such as Twitter and Friendster which is similiar to Facebook allows everyone to keep in touch by sharing information, pictures, updating each other with emails and messages for free. As for Youtube it is a free broadcast network, where you can post and find almost any videos around the world with different genres.

The invention of these social networks had made journalism and publishing almost free. Newspapers like The Star, New Straits Times and other mainstream newspapers had lost almost half of their audience as people had access to free websites with full coverage of information and news with the new web 2.0; online web like MSNBC and Star Online.

The biggest free network on the world wide web is Google, which enables users to search and get unlimited information anytime, anywhere. The invention of the web 2.0 had made life a lot easier for the human race as they are free and unlimited; but this could also bring down the mainstream media such as newspapers and magazines. Why buy when you can get them free on the internet. This is one more issue which could get serious if the world wide web gives out free information all the time. There should be a borderline.(Source: Google,2009)


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Designing for Online vs. Print

Print used to be the primary medium for writing, reading and communicate. Back in the days before the Computer Age, print was all the media got and only professional journalist can write on the columns of the pages be it on a newspaper, magazine or other print material.

Technology is very high now as we can all see for ourselves. Printing is still one of the primary source but not as much anymore compared to the previous decades. Most people used their weblogs to conduct their business, especially designers. They will have to make sure their visual design is powerful enough to beat the print medium. By designing on the desktop or on weblogs, this saves a lot of printing cost and ink. Aaprt from that, extra moving visuals could be used on the blog to make the concept more effective.

Designing on the desktop is much more effective and easier compared to print medium. Editing mistakes would be much easier on an online weblog compared to a print medium like newspapers and magazines. However they still got their similarities. The designer will still have to consider the dimensionality, navigation,resolution, canvas size, overlay and multimedia (Neilsen, 1999). It might seem easier compared to designing a print medium but a lot more details should be taken into account for designing a weblog. Dark colours are never encouraged on weblogs and in conclusion, designing online is still a better success than designing a print.



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