Blogging Communities; Methods & Structures

What is a blogging community? A blogging community allows all bloggers to communicate with each other and share their thought s and discussions In other words, it allows people who loves writing about the same topic to meet up or communicated via blogs. For example people who likes to talk about politics could get together and discuss about the latest political issues; the same goes for other people of different genre topic of their blog.

Nuffnang is one of the very top blog spot in Malaysia. It primarily publish advertisements and commercials unlike political blogs. The writers will have to write, fitting into the criteria of the wanted format and in return, the writers gets paid, gets special invitation to events and free gifts every now and then for writing an advertisement.

Blogging has became a social network instead of only writing about a bunch of topic to discuss about in the comment space. People actually chat and meet up in reality to talk about business regarding their topic posted on their weblogs. Some became friends after a few chats on the comments box for leisure.

Networking through blogs is very important in the digital age now as it connects people of similar interest, allowing them to get together to share common interest.


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Classification of Blogs

There are many types of blogs to be classified ranging from political to science to fashion and entertainment. But to make it easier there are three primary classifications to blogs which are Personal Blogs, Business Blogs and Media Blogs such as Video Logs or better knows as Vlog.

According to broadcast journalist Margaret Simons from ABC Radio National, blogs are divided into several parts which is the Diary Blogs – for personal use only, Business Blogs – for business use and advertising,  and the Advocacy blogs (Funnell, 2008). Apart from that, blogs are also classified according to the styles of writing, topic and genre, and also taking in consideration the format of the media type. Each blog is unique. It allows the audience and readers to access into any topic they would like to know and discuss about. The writer will have to make sure they attract the right people to read their blogs.

Sometimes a writer could write about a particular topic, political issues for example, in his or her blog yet eager to learn more by reading blogs written by others or better yet write another blog with a different topic and concept in total. Blogs will have to be classified in order to avoid the confusion of their readers, allowing them to choose the topic they would like to know or discuss about.


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Blogs as current phenomenon & benefits of blogging to the community

The numbers of bloggers grows every second from as much as a million new bloggers every day. Blogs are one of the biggest global internet phenomenon that ever hit the world, affecting a lot of people ranging from every race, gender, citizenship, and people from all over the country and world. There are a lot of different kinds of bloggers around the world (Dvorak, 2009). There are some who loves writing about political and the economics. Some loves to write about fashion and entertainment, some loves writing about the current issues around the globe and there are those who loves writing about themselves.

It is stated in that Asians blogs more than the Europeans. Asians loves to discuss about the current issues and some, loves to talk about themselves more than the Europeans (Brook, 2006). Europeans are more serious when it comes to writing for the public. They usually writes about the economic, politics and science issues whereas Asians writes a lot about entertainment, music and movies. There are a lot of Malaysians who loves to blog as well. Most of them are students yet their weblog is nothing serious compared to the Europeans. They are more to entertainment and themselves. Malaysians loves to write about their daily lives; from what they do every second to what they eat on that day itself, including some pictures of their food. Sometimes these could be helpful for others as a free advertisement but sometimes blogs does not make sense.

The advantages of blogs is to share information with the world, and stay in touch with our loved ones.



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Document Design : What is a good document design?

A good document design consists of bright colors and organized layout patterns for a text document. One of the most important points of a document design is to make sure it is kind to the eyes of the readers; allowing them to read and understand the text easily. But although designing a document might sound fun and easy, it is actually difficult and causes a lot of hassle.

When designing a document we have to make sure the background is not dark and depressing colours are discouraged. A brighter colour like a light shade of blue, yellow, light shade of red or green always brings attention. The background will have to tally with the colours of the words and the borders, too. Apart from the colours, good organization and completion of information, clear writing and language use are very important to make sure the information are not to be misunderstood. Not to leave out the margins and line spacing makes a text document easy to read as well.

Another important point is that we have to know our audiences well. The best part is to get to know your targeted audience well first before actually writing and designing.(Ryan Olshavsky, 2003). It is difficult to satisfy every reader in every document as different readers have different design taste. Apart from that you have to know what your audience is expecting from your document design.

One way to an effective text design is to communicate with your audience like how you are telling a story. Include famous artist and their work; compare their work and give examples for them to understand better. (Roy Johnson, 1997). Make sure you are confident enough to encourage your audience about your work. Besides that make sure your facts and information is understandable with reliable sources.

One example of a good document design is shown below:-

pic fr ma blog

This is a sample document design from my presentation slide. The background is wooden which makes the audience feel peaceful and easy when reading the text which is yellow in colour, making it stand out from the background without going out of the colour order; brown and yellow flows together smoothly. Always remember these simple steps to a successful document design – peaceful background and text colour, useful and clear information and resourceful facts.


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The purpose of this blog is to discuss issues of the media in relation to publication and design. This blog provides people in the media industry, document designers and people in the publication industry with useful information about their related fields while enabling a discussion forum to share ideas and thoughts from people all around the globe.